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Few things you need to know before you call

When you know what your event is all about, you definitely would like to tell us all about it. We do need to know (of course):

  1. The name of the event
  2. The date and time
  3. The location
  4. The event coordinator
In case that you miss any information, we can come up with few suggestions that will fit your need.

Few packages you should look into

Packages are made to ease the selection proceedure. For example:

If you'd like to rent PA for your event,
You might consider, extra mics, cables, sound mixer and speakers
If you have a presentations,
You might consider, PA package, computer, projectors, and screens
If you have a wedding,
You might consider, PA and presentation package, and multi-camera production (I've done and seen so many single camera for wedding productions).

Preparation before the event

Set up time depends on how large is your event. Typically it takes 2 hours to set up and test.

Have a successful event

Mostly we give a brief tutorial before the event, but it is not unusual to have an engineer there.

Extra addition you might consider

As often we have request for catering events, there are often few unplanned details that needs attention. We reserve a contingency funds/resources to ensure your event going smoothly.