"CCI is an audio visual production company specializing in television and new media and dedicated to quality."


CCI Rolls Out New HD Production Unit for Windfall Films / Discovery Networks' Science Channel Coverage of Last Space Shuttle Launch

Mobile Production Unit. The unit features state of the art Panasonic 20 input 1.5 ME Switcher with two multi-viewers, P2 Mobile recorders with slo-mo replay, full HD monitoring, HD graphics, 32 Channels of audio mixer, intercom, IFB and phone system. Specifically for Windfall Films CCI added two Mac Pro Core12 computers with AJA Kona 3 cards and P2 express readers. Windfall used the trailer to add shots of the last shuttle launch to "Last Shuttle: Our Journey", a one hour documentary about the Space Shuttle program that aired in the US hours after the final space shuttle launch, STS-135. The program was seen in the United States on Discovery Network's Science Channel and broadcast worldwide across the Discovery network.

After completion of this project, Jason Hendriksen of Windfall Films stated, "CCI was a pleasure to work with. In the months leading up to launch day Windfall worked closely with CCI to devise a P2 / Final Cut Pro workflow that would ensure fast ingest and edit of multiple NASA TV feeds. The same applied to actuality filmed on the day with P2 cameras - everything had to be ingested and edited as quickly as possible in order to make the deadline. I'm pleased to say that everything went like clockwork on launch day and we successfully delivered the final 5 minute act of the film via satellite in time for a 10PM transmission on Science Channel. Many thanks to all at CCI who ensured smooth execution of a technically complex job."

You may view the Last Shuttle program http://science.discovery.com/tv/last-shuttle/

CCI names new General Manager

David StanleyCommunications Concepts, Inc, one of the largest audio visual communications companies in Central Florida, is pleased to announce the appointment of David Stanley as General Manager.

A 25 year video production veteran, Stanley's extensive experience in producing, directing and facility operations has given him the expertise and leadership depth to head up CCI. David will be fully responsible for the company's operations and management, and will play a pivotal role in leading his staff in maintaining the service standards associated with the company.

David is a graduate of Satellite High School. He was awarded a Wrestling Scholarship at the University of Central Florida and attended there in the early 1980's. He began his studies in the Computer Science area with a background in computer programming. While at UCF he took a course in Television Production, changed majors and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Communication and minor in Computer Science. "When I began in TV, we were shooting on tape and there was no computer editing equipment. Everything was tape based and it took a rack full of equipment just to do a simple dissolve. We created animations by building small models and slowing down the speed of the tape." David's background in computers turned out to be a great asset as TV Production slowly became more reliant on computer software and hardware.

David's first production job out of college was with Communications Concepts Inc. in 1986 as a production assistant. "Jim Lewis and CCI gave me my first "real" TV production experience. I learned many aspects of production from Jim and CCI in the short time I was there."

In 1987 Mr. Stanley was hired by Lockheed Space Operations Company and that led to a 19 year career with many different sub-contractors at the Kennedy Space Center. "I was always interested in the space program. My father took me to my first up close launch of the Apollo-Soyuz mission as a kid and that experience changed my life." David worked at KCS-TV producing and directing shuttle launches from the return to flight of STS-26 in 1988 through the break-up of Columbia in 2003. "After the Columbia accident, I spent many hours recording the accident debris as it arrived back at KSC. It was a depressing time for us all and I was ready for something new."

In 2006, David left the space program and started his own video production company, Digital Audio/Video Productions or DA/Vid Productions . "Starting your own company is exciting and at the same time a tremendous challenge. My first large production was "The History of Satellite Beach". That historical video gave me the expertise to win the proposal to produce "The History of Cape Canaveral". I loved those two projects because I love researching history and documenting the accounts of the city founders and residents."

David's career has come full circle. He is now the Vice President and General Manager of Communication Concepts Inc. "When Jim approached me with the opportunity to come back to CCI I was really excited. It is amazing how technology has changed the TV production business and Jim has kept CCI on the leading edge. I worked as a freelance Technical Director for CCI while running my company and I enjoyed working with the staff and full scale productions. I really see CCI as a perfect fit for me and I am looking forward to a new career with CCI"

CCI Develops New Website for the Law Firm "Vance, Lotane & Bookhardt"

Vance Lotane Website RedoEarlier this year, Communications Concepts, Inc. designed a new logo for the law firm of Vance, Lotane & Bookhardt as part of their rebranding effort. As this effort continued, the legal collections and subrogation law firm, contracted with CCI to design and develop a new website. Their firm of six experienced lawyers, and more than forty support and collection personnel keep their clients a top priority in the difficult process of debt collection. CCI wanted to communicate this effort through means of a viable website, to not only facilitate in the collections process, but also make the pages easy to navigate and user-friendly for the client and the visitor.

Julie Tookes, the Director of Operations at Vance, Lotane & Bookhardt, was our main contact through the development process of their website, VanceLotane.com. Julie spoke highly of the staff at CCI, as they worked hand in hand developing contact and debtor information forms for the site. CCI also trained Julie and her staff to edit and manage content themselves, so they have the ability to maintain update their website whenever needed. "Working with CCI has been nothing shy of a pleasure," says Julie, "The web designers are professional, helpful, and available to assist with suggestions or to ensure we have the best product. Branding is so important and we recognize that this is often the first impression of our business."

The www.VanceLotane.com website designed, hosted and maintained by CCI is now live. CCI is in discussions with the firm to design a second website. Julie Tookes says she enjoyed the working relationship with CCI so much she would want CCI involved in the development of any future sites. "I highly recommend the entire patient and courteous team at CCI. They clearly care about their clients and go above and beyond to satisfy. Coming from a firm that super serves our clients, we couldn't appreciate this support more. Be cautious of the cheap and quick fix web designers, you truly get what you pay for with CCI!"

CCI Rental CCI provides press support buildings with AV and communications equipment at KSC

As NASA prepared to launch Space Shuttle Atlantis one last time, everyone knew that there would be a large turn out by media and industry at the press site. Normally companies send one or two people to KSC for a launch and they are provided a space in the NASA press office, but the permanent press office would not be able to support the expected surge in news coverage for the final shuttle launch.

Once again, Communications Concepts, Inc. was asked to develop a plan to house key industry representatives and the working press in temporary facilities in what would become a Joint Industry Press Center, better known as JIPC (pronounced Gypsy). CCI had successfully provided such temporary facilities before in 1998 for the John Glenn Space Shuttle Mission and in 2005 for Shuttle Return to Flight after the Columbia tragedy. In both cases, the NASA's press site at KSC was packed with reporters and industry spokespeople.

"The STS-135 launch was one of the major events of the year and the JIPC gave the companies of the Coalition for Space Exploration a great base of operations. It enabled us to take full advantage of the large turnout of domestic and international media," said Lon Rains, deputy chairman of the Coalition for Space Exploration. "Having the JIPC facilities made our time at the launch much more productive and it allowed us to help NASA provide a first rate facility to accommodate the overflow of reporters."

Working for the Coalition for Space Exploration, CCI met with Laurel Lichtenberger, NASA-KSC to develop an approved site plan for a two building compound. Due to space constraints, it was determined the press building would be located on the parking lot and the industry building would be located next door on the grass with a ditch or swale dividing the two buildings. CCI proposed the use a short bridge to span the ditch to allow easy and safe movement between the buildings.

CCI furnished a 24' x 36' modular building for the Media Center with OSHA approved handicap ramp access and 60 work stations for members of the print, radio and television press. CCI designed, installed and maintained an audio distribution system to provide NASA Select or Mission Audio at head phone level with volume control at each work station, an RF distribution system to NASA cable TV, Audio and Video Distribution Amplifiers to distribute NASA Select Video and/or NASA Select Audio or Mission Audio, a local area network (LAN) with both wireless and wired Internet connections, voice circuits and electrical distribution to provide a power outlet and a telephone at each work station, and two 50" HD Plasma panels on stands at each end of the facility. CCI furnished a 64' x 48' modular building for the Industry Press Center with OSHA approved handicap ramp access and twelve offices, reception area, kitchen and an interview / conference area to accommodate the media relations personnel of the aerospace companies' supporting the launch. CCI provided all office furniture, telephone distribution and telephones, RF distribution and twelve 20" LCD HD TVs each on a 40" stand (one in each office), two 50" HD plasma panels on stands in the conference and reception areas, literature racks, fax machine and a copier. All work by CCI including design, delivery, installation, set-up, insurance (damage & liability), and start of operations of the complex was completed ahead of schedule. The entire project from design to removal of the complex after launch was completed in less than 45 days from contract signing. CCI Rental Manager, Andrew Marcus, "I feel it was great success and the client walked away very happy. I can't think of any other company that does what we did out on the KSC press site.

>CCI New Hardware CCI Compact HD Production Unit proves "good things come in small packages"

As reported, CCI rolled out the new compact HD production trailer for the last Space Shuttle launch. While initially configured specifically to meet Windfall Films' exact needs for Science Channel, CCI broaden the trailer's capabilities with full build out after the launch. While the trailer is small, it has most of the features found in much larger production trucks, such as 6 HD Cameras, a 20 Screen Multi-Viewer, a 40x40 HD Router, a 3 Channel HD Replay, a twenty input switcher with multiple mix effects busses and four auxiliary busses, an HD CG and 32 Channel Audio Console.

"The unit truly offers a lot of capabilities for a very low rental price," said CCI President Jim Lewis, "It is a complete stand alone production unit great for all types of shoots on location such as talk shows, high school, small college and X-games type sports, special events and so forth. You can almost shoot multi-camera for price of a single camera production and save on the editing. The trailer also is perfect for events that have early rounds such as tennis or horse shows. It has a small footprint and is very affordable to hire for by the week, then if you need to, you can bring a bigger truck for the final. Conversely, this unit is well suited too for taking feeds from a larger truck and adding a couple of cameras for 2nd language / 2nd network coverage of the same event."

The trailer can record up to six HD sources simultaneously on combination of hard-drive, P2 and tape based formats. Conversion is available in unit to allow Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) sources to be added to the production mix and outputted in SD, HD and web media at the same time. This new compact HD production trailer is the seventh mobile production unit built and owned by CCI. Call 321-783-5232 for more information.