"CCI is an audio visual production company specializing in television and new media and dedicated to quality."


Summer 2007

CCI Inks Major Deal with Malaysian Government

CCI recently signed a deal to provide television coverage and satellite relay worldwide for MIMOS Berhard of Malaysia. MIMOS, or the Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems is a government-owned research and development organization specializing in information technology. MIMOS hired CCI to cover and broadcast its Angkasawan program which will send a Malaysian astronaut, or Angkasawan, to the International Space Station (ISS) on board a Russian Soyuz rocket.

The Angasawan, or astronaut, for the mission, Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, is an orthopedic doctor from Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Shukor will spend nine days on ISS studying live cell cultures during his flight.

Coverage of the nine day event will be broadcast on a channel exclusively set up on Malaysian television for the event. The channel will include launch coverage, live video messages from International Space Station during the nine day mission, and the return to Earth with the Expedition 15 crew of ISS. CCI will also produce two 1-hour documentaries to run on the channel during the nine days. CCI has already created animation for the mission coverage and shot interviews with the Malaysian Astronaut candidates in Houston, Texas while there for ISS training with NASA. Finally, CCI is contracted to hire an American astronaut to serve as subject matter expert in Kuala Lumpur for the duration of the mission.

According to Jim Lewis, general manager of CCI, "We've had a lot of VIPs come through our facilities in Cape Canaveral over the years, a lot more than one might expect, but when the Malaysian Minister of Science and Technology arrived here for the contract meetings with his entourage in an actual motorcade, it was a little surreal, like something out of a movie, but we had great talks and I knew this would be a wonderful group to work with."

The Mission concludes October late October.


CCI Helps with Video for Space Shuttle Launch Experience

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex recently opened the 44,000-square-foot Shuttle Launch Experience. The simulator takes guests on an incredible journey only astronauts have experienced -- launching into orbit aboard a Space Shuttle.

CCI was able to help out by providing grip lighting production assistance for some of the videos used in the Shuttle Launch Experience. The shoots involved interviewing 27 NASA astronauts and shooting the ride safety briefing video.

All of it was shot in HD using the Sony F-900 HD Camera.The journey begins as passengers enter the Shuttle Launch Simulation Facility. As crew members ascend along the gantry, veteran shuttle astronauts share testimonials, setting the stage for the experience to come. Entering the heart of Space Shuttle operations for the pre-launch briefing, crew members are guided by veteran Space Shuttle Commander Charlie Bolden as he takes them step-by-step through the launch sequence. Brilliant video screens spring to life on shuttle-like robotic arms. Anxious moments arise as dramatic atmospheric, sound and lighting effects dramatize the moments before launch.

Sports Update

Busiest Month Ever CCI Completes Three Sports Truck Shoots in One Month

CCI polished up the CCI Mobile Production Unit and hit the road three times this May for three sports shoots for the Polk County Office of Tourism and Sports Marketing, making it a really busy month for sports truck shoots. The events-The Kegel Classic Bowling tournament; Let It Fly Flag Football; and FCCAA/NJCAA Baseball-required up to seven cameras for Baseball, the largest of the events.

According to CCI production manager Robin Champagne: "The three events are all events we've covered in the past, so we had a jump on all three jobs, which made a hectic schedule a little easier to manage. However, considering two of the productions, baseball and bowling, happened on consecutive days, the schedule was pretty daunting, but we delivered some great products."

"These are events we love doing, and Polk County is a tremendous client to work for. I particularly enjoyed the Kegel bowling," said Champagne, "It is a great event".


CCI Streams Video the Web for Eddie Einhorn's Latest Venture

CCI has partnered with Eddie Einhorn, part-owner of the Chicago White Sox and part-owner of MLB.com, to web-cast youth baseball and other youth oriented sporting events for Einhorn's latest Web venture, New Media Sports, LLC. CCI field crews shot and produced the events in Orlando at Disney's Wide World of Sports venues, as well as in Memphis, at First Tennessee Field, and in Knoxville, Tenn. for the 2007 Junior Olympics and streamed them live for the new Web site.

Working with MLB.com, CCI help made the events available for live viewing on the Web, and will also make all of the events available as downloads on-demand.

The New Media Sports, LLC, Web site, www.nmssports.com, which is empowered by www.mlb.com, receives the stream live from CCI. MLB.com then takes the CCI stream, redistributes it, and broadcasts the events live using MLB.com bandwidth to stream the event.

According to CCI GM Jim Lewis, "We have been in contract negotiations for some time with Mr. Einhorn, and we feel fortunate to have this opportunity to work with someone of his stature. Eddie literally made college sports happen on television in the 1960s and I think he will do the same with this. We believe that there's enough interest in youth-related sports that it will be a success."

The Local Scene

CCI completes video for economic development for The City of Palm Bay

The CCI production team was recent
ly seen on location, shooting a film noir style economic development video for The City of Palm Bay.

For the video, CCI shot several locations in Palm Bay picking up "lifestyles" footage of the up-and-coming city. CCI also shot the video's lead actor in several scenes within the city as a private detective looking to uncover Palm Bay. Finally, extra shooting was done on sets in Brevard County, in Washington, DC, and in the CCI studio.

According to the project's producer and editor Bryan Foster, "It was a fun shoot and edit. I think we got the message across about Palm Bay in a unique way that will help the city stand out among the many EDC videos available across the country. That was our mission, and I think we delivered an interesting product that's going to garner considerable attention from decision-makers across the country for The City of Palm Bay."

The video starts out in black and white in the office of a 1940s style private detective. When the detective investigates and finally enters the City of Palm Bay, the video explodes into color and portrays an exciting town on the make, Palm Bay.

"When the City of Palm Bay decided to develop a promotional video, we were looking for a group that was familiar with the area, that would offer a creative approach to showcasing the unique attributes of our location, workforce and quality of life. CCI was our choice because of their interesting approach to producing a concise DVD that would entertain and inform." Said Jim McMillian, Assistant City Manager for Economic Development.