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Winter 2011 Newsletter

CCI Supports LeftChannel's Health First Health Plans Production

Leftchannel Productions came to Communications Concepts, Inc. for help producing the required video to be used on a commercial for Health First Health Plans. The shoot took place on the Melbourne beaches, downtown Melbourne and at Health First office in September 2010. CCI was in charge of the lighting and grip support for the shoot. Daniel Jones headed up CCI lighting and support crew consisting of key grip Lee Day and production assistant Anthony Hight. CCI's new 1 Ton Light and Grip trailer was utilized for this production.

"The locations for the shoot involved a unique mix of indoor, outdoor, and mixed lighting atmospheres," said Jones. "CCI's light and grip trailer was able to suit these needs with ease and precision to help make the shoot a success."

For the outdoor shots they were able to take advantage of the grip trailers silks and flags. For the indoor shoots, they were able to use CCI's new Kino Flo kits and 1k Arri lights to get the lighting perfect. According to Jones, "working with left channel and Health First turned out to be a huge triumph."

Walking / Crane scene at Health First Health Plans Corporate Offices According to Tami Jones, the producer from leftchannel, "The shoot went really well (and luckily we got our shots before the clouds opened up!). CCI had such a great, talented, professional and hard working crew and all the right gear. We had a great experience working on the Space Coast thanks to CCI!"

CCI Designs New Website for TDC

Two years ago, CCI developed a new Web site for the Space Coast Tourist Development Council (TDC). Over that period of time many features were added to the site and most recently the TDC had a new logo designed. In the fall, the TDC contracted with CCI to develop a new Web site to better integrate all the needed features in a more modern look and to provide a Web site that better complimented the Space Coast Office of Tourism's new logo and creativity. CCI worked directly with the TDC staff to study and review competitive sites and provided a number of preliminary designs to help the TDC achieve the look, feel and functionality they needed. The re-design of the Web site has been in the works for several months and will debut to the public in February.

"The new Web site has a clean, modern, fun look, and is designed to be more user friendly than the previous version," said Tom Affeld a web designer at CCI. "The site's design utilizes colors and styles established by the new TDC logo." The logo now features shades of blue and coral that really brings the Florida beaches to mind.

Some of the new characteristics include a local weather feature and an improved events calendar. The site also has one-click features that connect a person instantly with what they are trying to locate. Tourists will be able to easily find out about upcoming launches as well as information on local attractions, nightlife, and even links to local beach web cams for a quick check of the waves. TDC's site is now more compact making it easy to navigate while giving tourists an idea of what the Space Coast has to offer.

TDC Director Rob Varley commented, "With such rapid changes in technology, our partnership with CCI keeps us current with the new tools available to web-users. Our Web site needs to be as user-friendly as possible so our visitors can get the info they need with just a click. And that's what we get with the professional team at CCI."

Visit the New TDC Website Click Here www.Space-Coast.com

DRS Depends on CCI

The rentals department of Communication Concepts, Inc. completed the third "all hands" meeting for DRS this year. All companies involved with DRS were eligible to attend the meeting. DRS is a leader in technology and supplying defense systems for the U.S. government.

The meeting took place at the Melbourne auditorium for 700 to 800 DRS employees; DRS goal for the meeting is to keep their employees informed of current and future news about DRS.

CCI shot the meeting live to hard disk with a Tricaster fly- pack. The camera used was a Panasonic HPX500 with a 21x lens. CCI also provided a sound system for the auditorium and 10 wireless hand-held microphones. A 10.5' x 14' truss rear project screen was used as well as LCD projectors.

Andrew Marcus of CCI directed the event and Daniel Jones was in charge of the PA system and coordination of the wireless microphones.

"Running 10 wireless microphones simultaneously for a 'Question and Answer' session is no easy task," says Jones, a senior editor with CCI. "But we handled it with great expertise." Jones also says that "DRS is a company built upon high standards which CCI understands and delivers a product with great success."

CCI Supports 9PM and Italian Space Agency

Communications Concepts, Inc. web department supported the Italian Space Agency and 9pm at the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) during the most recent launch attempt. The department set up a hub with internet connection for the media at their hotel that functioned as a press room. Other forms of Italian media were being supported by CCI's web department in the KSC Annex. 9pm reserved 16 seats in the Annex building so the web department wired 12 of those seats with DSL lines. Robin Champagne, CCI operations manager said, "CCI's familiarity and knowledge of the press site procedures helped things to go off without an issue."

CCI rentals department was involved in a successful post-shuttle launch party for 9pm and the Italian Space Agency. CCI provided a full sound system for the Gala in one of the ballrooms at the Courtyard Marriot in Cocoa Beach. CCI provided mutable feeds to LCD projectors such as live NASA select, power point, live IMAG in PAL and live web streaming from Vandenberg Air Force Base, Calif.

An elegant mood set the tone for the Gala dinner. Each table was set up with LED pin spot lighting and LED's were used for a multicolor blast that projected lighting onto the walls and ceiling of the ballroom. Attending were heads of NASA and the Italian Space Agency as well as other members of the Italian parliament and the American government.

In addition to the support from the rentals department, the production crew went out to the press site and shot a news piece with an Italian reporter. Robin Champagne said, "The support for 9pm was company-wide." Andrew Marcus, also of CCI, points out that "9pm really understands the influence of technology and did a great job at presentation. This Gala event was one of the nicest I've ever attended…many diplomats were in attendance."