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CCI Fall 2013 Newsletter


Story Board ImageFirebrand Games, a video game developer has released a video trailer produced by Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI). The video is part of a worldwide announcement that their latest IPAD game, Mission Solar Flux, is now available for most all mobile devices. http://www.youtube.com/user/FirebrandGamesMedia

In the Solar Flux game, players travel across the Universe saving dying suns from extinction. The game is based on real space science and requires players to use as little fuel as possible by leveraging the gravitational pull of interstellar objects such as planets, moons and asteroids in order to get the best score.

Being a space fan with his office right next door to the Kennedy Space Center on Merritt Island, game producer, Alex Knight, felt it would be fun to link the game to real space exploration with the promo idea “Even Astronauts play Solar Flux!”.

Alex sent storyboards of Firebrand’s idea to Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI). Because of CCI’s good working relationship with the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and extensive experience successfully producing space videos, Firebrand contracted with CCI for the production of the video trailer

CCI coordinated with the KSC Visitor Center to use a real rocket gantry at the attraction’s famous “Rocket Garden” and to shoot the needed scenes with the well known “Spaceman” on the gantry and at the Orbit Café.

In addition to working out details with the Visitor Center, CCI cast and hired a child actor that was called for in the storyboard with help of casting director Nancy McBride. CCI carefully planned and blocked the production, so the entire spot could be shot in five hours prior to the Visitor Complex opening.

CCI's 1 Ton Light and Grip trailer not only provided the needed HMI lights, black pipe and drape, lots of shinny boards, a Mathews Doorway Dolly and tracks and Chauvet Hurricane 1100 and 1800 fog machines, but also allowed for fast set-up and strike. CCI furnished all the HD production gear as well including a Panasonic HPX 500 Camera with Fujinon HD lens and the five person technical crew for the shoot. The shoot went like clockwork with everything captured on time for the park to open. "It was great working with you and your professional (CCI) team. Everything went to plan." said Andrea Farmer, Senior Public Relations Manager of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

During post production, CCI made several suggestions to build on the concepts Firebrand provided including adding stock aerial footage, graphics and off-camera narration. "Both our (Firebrand) studios really loved the off-script intro and thought it really tied the first and second half of the trailer reveal together nicely. The VO especially goes a long ways to bring that narrative to life a bit more." said Alex Knight, game producer. For the final video CCI rotoscoped the “Orbit Café” logo on window since the actual logo was outside the shot.

Alex Knight of Firebrand said "I just wanted to thank you and the team for an outstanding shoot. Quite honestly everything involving CCI went very smooth."

Firebrand Solar Flux Original Storyboards CCI Actual Footage from Trailer


Img: OFF Website Screen ShotRelationships are the foundation for business and life in general. One such example is the long time relationship between the Organized Fishermen of Florida (OFF) and Communications Concepts. CCI started working with OFF in the early 80s by producing a video on the effects of certain industry practices. In the 90s, CCI produced another informational video for OFF on the economic and environmental effects clamming. “This video opened a lot of eyes in the community”, said Jerry Sansom, Executive Director of the Organized Fishermen of Florida Most recently, CCI was retained to develop a website for the organization.

The mission of OFF is to improve the economic well-being and quality of life for all stakeholders in the fisheries of Florida utilizing fundamental principles of sustainability, conservation and transparency. The goal of the website is to improve communications with their members and to inform the public and government about this important industry in Florida. Florida seafood sales have an economic impact of about $650 million per year. Florida fishermen catch most of the nation’s supply of grouper, pompano, mullet, stone crab, pink shrimp, spiny lobsters, and Spanish and king mackerel. All of the nation’s supply of spiny lobster and 99% of the stone crab supply comes from Florida waters.

To tell this story well via the website, CCI attended one of the organization’s annual meetings to gain input directly from members. Options were discussed and working again with Executive Director, Jerry Sansom, a new website was developed. The new site is mobile responsive and automatically resizes for users on pads, tablets and phones. It features nine major sections with everything from forms for members to dates and locations of seafood festivals. The website is live and will continue to grow, as CCI provided easy to use content management tools so the group can add content and keep the website up to date. Jerry agrees "Having worked with Jim and the folks at CCI for more than 30 years, I knew they were the ones to help us move our communications to the next level and I haven’t been disappointed."


CCI just completed design, development and installation of two touch-screen displays at the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum, in Titusville, FL. The displays include information on the museum, upcoming events, aircraft restoration, and specific exhibits like the Vietnam Memorial Exhibit. The screens provide an immersive experience with text, photos, audio and video. Being interactive, guests can find the information they need quickly through the intuitive touch screen navigation panel. The panels provide the users a better contextual understanding of the exhibits on display at the museum and allow them to see activities such as behind the scenes tours of restoration work that they may not be able to see otherwise. At times when either of the screens are not interacting with guests, an auto run slide show plays period-appropriate music and presents photos of many of the planes at the museum. During the development, a large amount of content had to be created and the museum turned to CCI to help write some of the copy. Lloyd Morris, director of the museum said "CCI was highly recommended and we surely see why. They were enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and quickly developed a thorough understanding of our mission and system requirements. This guided development of useful interactive systems that we are sure our visitors will appreciate" CCI has been producing Digital Signage Systems and Interactive Touch-Screen displays for building lobbies, trade show exhibits and museums since 2010.