"CCI is an audio visual production company specializing in television and new media and dedicated to quality."


CCI Helps Produce Quick Turn Around Spot for Chevy

Daniel Jones, senior editor at CCI, and engineer Mark Speer drove CCI's Mobile Production Unit 6 to Homestead, Fla., for the finale of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series. Together they teamed up with Ringside Creative Chevy to edit a "thank you" video for the winner of the race. Inside the truck, a Final Cut Pro editing system and DVCPro 1200 deck were set up to take care of the editing.

After the race concluded videographers raced back to the truck with footage shot on Canon 5-D cameras. The footage was offloaded and immediately turned around for editing. The team had one hour to produce a thirty second spot of Jimmie Johnson thanking his fans after winning the race.

Jones and Speer worked tirelessly to finish the piece in time. But these two carried the skills to get it done. "Our deep knowledge of Final Cut Pro and the Canon 5-D workflow made the edit go on without a hitch," said Jones. "Working under tight deadlines can create pressure, but our attention to detail in setting up our truck as an edit suite made for one happy client."

Once the commercial was finished it was printed out to tape. Tapes were distributed to Speed Channel and ESPN for broadcast that night . CCI's partnership with Chevy turned out to be a big success.

CCI Developes new website for Markee Magazine

Lionheart Publishing’s “Markee Magazine 2.0" covers the gamut of film and video production and postproduction subjects. Markee is filled with articles ranging from selecting and financing equipment, to producing and shooting film and video. From postproduction subjects, to independent filmmaking, DV and HD — plus regularly scheduled specialty supplements. Markee's seasoned writers target the professionals of our industry. They know the industry inside-out, and that's what makes Markee's articles tops — they're informative and timely. That is why CCI was honored when Lionheart Publishing’s Online Project Manager, Patton McGinley, approached CCI to redesign their website. Patton wanted the new site to not only look great, but to be easy for visitors to navigate and be completely customizable for the site’s editors. And thus was conceived, Markeemag.com, version 2.0.

Over the course of the next few months, CCI worked closely with Patton to correspond with Lionheart’s vision of their new site, to make sure the project would become as they envisioned from the beginning. The site got a completely refreshed and sleek new look with new features, whilst still incorporating the existing content categories and making them more accessible for readers. The harmonized feel of the site’s design grabs the attention of new visitors, as the always current and sharp writers of the magazine supply everyone with engaging and informative reading material.

The editors for Markee couldn’t be happier either, with the new flexibility and ease the back end offers for simplifying their work flow. “With the extent of information and content we had to populate our site with, we needed a page that could be easily updated and combined form with function," said Patton. “We wanted a modern design with a user friendly interface - for us as well as our visitors and customers to access easily. CCI was there to meet our expectations and worked with us every step of the way to make sure we got the result we desired. With the dedicated group of professionals at CCI, we can stay on the forefront of technology while still being accessible to all of our visitors and clients."

We look forward to continuing our great working relationship with the people at Markee Magazine, as we will be hosting their site from CCI’s dependable servers and providing any technical support they may need. With the prompt and professional web department staff working together here at CCI, there seems to be no task too big or too small for our creative and collected crew.

New Markee Website
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CCI Continues to Provide AV Support for ASF

Photo From: www.astronautscholarship.org
The Tropical Evening with the Astronauts dinner was held on Nov. 8, 2008 at the Radisson at the Port, Cape Canaveral, FL, as part of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation's Astronaut Autograph & Memorabilia Show weekend. The casual dinner provided a platform for guests to mingle and talk with over 25 legendary astronauts who were in attendance. The overall weekend, including this dinner, auction and autograph show, generated close to $200,000 for the scholarship program.

The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation (ASF) recently completed another successful fundraiser with the support of Communications Concepts, Inc. rentals department. The event, “A Tropical Evening with the Astronauts," took place at the Radisson Resort at the Port last November. CCI provided a full sound system with two 9’ x 12’ screens with 5k LCD projectors. A live IMAG recorded the entire event with a Tricaster fly- pack to a hard disk. A Panasonic 500 camera with a 21x lens was used.

Many of NASA’s finest along with thirty-one former astronauts, representing the Mercury through shuttle programs, attended the event. Al Worden, former Apollo astronaut, emceed the evening and was hosted by Linn LeBlanc of ASF. The evening started with the usual recognitions of the pilots in attendance. The event took a comedic turn when the former astronauts put on a skit highlighting their astronaut careers as well as careers they took part in later in life.

Worden appeared as a fortune teller, complete with cape and turban, to predict the future of each astronaut while a volunteer was dressed as a similar astronaut and holding a cardboard cut-out of the astronaut’s face. CCI’s Daniel Jones was part of the crew present at the event and said “the skit was a satire on how the astronaut behaved back in their time of flight."

A photo opportunity was available with the astronauts of the Gemini program who were celebrating the 45th anniversary of the program. This was a great chance for guests to meet and greet with the former astronauts.

Andrew Marcus, rentals manager, was part of the CCI crew at the event and said “Everyone had a great time."

Everest College Students Tour CCI

Everest Logo
Students from Everest College Film and Video Department visited CCI to gain hands on perspective of a working production company. When the students arrived at CCI, company president Jim Lewis welcomed them and gave them a brief overview of Communications Concepts business and facilities. Then the class was divided into two groups.

Daniel Jones, who handles directing and editing of CCI projects gave half the students a tour of the facilities edits suites and the mobile production unit while Andrew Marcus, CCI’s rental manager and key lighting grip gave the students a brief lighting demo in the studio and tour of the CCI’s light and grip trailer.

Inside CCI’s production truck, Jones took the group from station to station pointing out various pieces of equipment while explaining the roles of the operators of each piece. The orientation covered the tape operator’s area, the engineer’s area, video patch fields, audio booth, graphics station and the truck’s switcher. Outside the truck, Jones showed the group the I/O panel and how utilizing the belly bays for organization and storage are important for a successful shoot. Inside CCI's facilities in Cape Canaveral, the students got a glimpse of two of the edit suites, Final Cut and Avid DS Nitris. Jones went into great detail on how both edit suites are integrated throughout the building to other rooms. Both edit suites are connected to a central machine room for access to video tape, satellite other the signals can be patched through anywhere in the building, even outside to the truck.

The lighting tour demonstrated some of CCI’s newest LED lights, the use of Kino-flo lights in indoor and outdoor applications and the applications for gels and diffusion. Marcus also pointed out little things like the personal equipment that lighting professionals should have such as a flash light, knife, Sharpie, grip tape and so forth and importance of organization so you provide quickly whatever a director needs.

Jones, a senior editor at CCI says, "working with students is always great, they are so eager to learn and it's fun to show them how much gear can be involved in different shoots. I was a student once too, so I tried to convey as much of my professional experience to them as I could and let them in on some of the secrets to good television."

Steve Wallen, Director of the Film/Video Department said “The tour was fantastic! Jim Lewis and his team really went all out to not only give a through tour of the CCI facilities, but share their knowledge and excellent tips with the students which will help them in their careers. And the students were thrilled with what they learned and got to observe. They had nothing but positive comments and were very thankful of what Jim, Dan and Andrew taught them."

Wallen continued, “Internships at CCI have proved an invaluable resource to the students to help prepare them for the “real world." Quite a few Everest graduates have been hired by CCI in not only freelance positions but in staff positions. For many students, their first industry job has been with CCI." “For over twenty years, Jim Lewis has served on the advisory board of Everest College’s Film and Video Department. Despite his demanding schedule, Jim has always made himself available as a guest speaker and someone I can relay on for expert advice" said Wallen.