"CCI is an audio visual production company specializing in television and new media and dedicated to quality."


In early summer the Art of Sand Festival opened to the public on Florida’s Space Coast. The sand festival featured the work of international award winning sand artists for over a month for tourists and residents to enjoy.

Environmental Video Camera Protection Case developed by PanasonicCCI teamed up with the Space Coast Office of Tourism to create a video that captured the detailed construction of the sand art and the festival that followed. The sand artists from all over the world worked for two weeks constructing these sculptures. CCI was able to use their new Environmental Protection Case developed by Panasonic to protect a Panasonic HVX 200a camera to make the time lapse recording of the construction in High Definition (HD) during the construction phase. The case offers a high quality glass viewport, a heater and cooling fan to keep the camera within proper operating temperature and rain protection. CCI utilized the HVX-200a’s frame recording options and large solid-state memory cards to allow the camera to take one frame of video every minute during the entire two weeks while the artist created their sculptures.

Camera Set Up on ScafoldingWhen the festival began, CCI’s director / editor Dan Jones shot the completed sculptures with a Panasonic HPX-500 and a 22x HD lens. “The HPX-500 allowed me to capture the high amount of detail oriented in each piece of sand art. It was amazing watching this footage on a good high resolution monitor in the edit suite after the shoot. The HD cameras really captured all the fine detail to show how the grains were formed to make these in creditable sculptures.”

CCI regularly produces HD videos for a variety of clients. CCI’s AV rentals department also rents the HVX-200a and HPX-500 by the day or by the week.

To view the final Art of Sand video please go to www.space-coast.com

CCI was back again to produce coverage of the Sunshine State Conference Basketball Championships

Photo: Sunshine State Conference Basketball ChampionshipsCommunications Concepts Inc. was selected once again to produce television coverage of the Sunshine State Conference Basketball Tournament and Championship games. CCI used Mobile Production Unit 6 to produce the games which were for the second time hosted at Nova Southeastern University.

Keith Smith, Communications and External Operations for Nova Southeastern University said the feedback from this year’s coverage produced by CCI was extremely positive: "You and your team are a joy to work with and I hope the future offers a long lasting working relationship."

To speed up editing of the semi-final games highlight packages, CCI camera operators shot the semifinals on P2, which eliminated the need to digitize footage after it was shot. While semifinals were being shot and edited, a CCI’s remote crew set up to tape the Men’s and Women’s Championships the next day. About 30 crew members were used to set-up and shoot the game. CCI provided 7 cameras for production the live-to-tape coverage of the finals.

Photo: CCI's Production Truck at the SSC basketball game“Nova Southeastern University has a great facility that was designed for television. Back where we park our Mobile Production Unit we have easy access to area and power, phone and internet/network connections. All that makes set up easier and allows us to produce better coverage” points out Jim Lewis, CCI President and producer for the championship games.

The games featured Sid Champagne for play-by-play, Jared Swartz for color commentary and Jim Mitchell with highlights and courtside interviews with coaches. It was sort of a reunion for CCI and Jim Mitchell. CCI had worked regularly with Mitchell in the 1980s and 90s when the company produced regular season coverage of Florida Tech and SSC basketball games.

In the end, Rollins College had a 66-59 win over Barry University in the men's final and Lynn University had a thrilling 54-52 win over Barry University for the women’s championship. The games aired on Comcast Sports Southeast and Bright House Networks Sports.

CCI Hosts Full Day Lighting Seminar for FMPTA

CCI hosted a hands-on lighting workshop for the FMPTA over the summer. The workshop provided insight into the techniques and tools of good lighting from four lighting experts. Designed to help directors, directors of photography, and those wanting to develop better lighting skills, the workshop included an introduction to lighting for video and film, basic techniques, typical indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, studio lighting, green screen lighting and creative lighting techniques.

The seminar was held in CCI studio, conference room and outside behind the facility. Much of the gear featured in seminar came from CCI’s 1 Ton Grip Light Trailer, including several light kits, open faced, Fresnel, ellipsoidal, various light sources (incandescent, florescent, LED, HMI) and a large variety of grip gear used to control light. CCI also provide two HD cameras and HD monitors the workshop setups so the result of the lighting could be seen.

CCI’s Andrew Marcus, AV rental manager and professional gaffer was one of the four expert presenters: “ Good lighting isn't cheap, cheap lighting isn't good” said Andrew Marcus, CCI's Lighting and Grip Expert

Bill William, President FMPTA Space Coast Chapter, in thanking CCI hosting the workshop said: “Thank you for all your support and help which gave our members a chance to stretch their skills into areas they may not be very familiar. Without your help it would have not been anywhere near as successful.”

CCI designs new website and logo for Stryker Electric

CCI is completing work on a new logo and website for Stryker Electrical Contracting Inc.

Stryker Electrical Contracting Inc is a full service electrical contractor specializing in residential electrical services, commercial electrical services, and construction. They have been serving the Florida and east coast of the United States for over 35 Years.

The website includes such features as a live video sales person, live chat, geolocation Ip Weather information, and an administrative tool that will allow Stryker personnel to maintain the site and even change out promo graphics. The new website will be broken up into 3 main sections: Residential, Commercial, and Construction. The new website layout will help to organize their wide array of services and be tailored to a wide demographic of website visitors. Look for the new website to be live in the next few months.

"Communication is Key, In life we very seldom know what we want or get it the first or second time.When creative minds communicate, ides gel, and become results. I want to thank Tom Affeld and the staff at CCI for the great effort and communication on my logo project." [General Manager, Service Department, Stryker Electrical Contracting Inc. , Corporate Office]

CCI Green Initiative

While it did not start out as a formal green imitative, Communications Concepts has been going green for some time and it is amazing the cost savings and how easy it has been. Some simple changes have included, more electronically delivered “print” materials from brochures to proposals to this newsletter. CCI used to print the newsletter once a quarter, when you look at the cost printing, paper and deliver, there are real energy and environmental savings to going electronic. When we have to print, we try to print on both sides of the page and we do recycle paper that has only been used on one side for printing internal meeting agendas and scratch paper for notes. CCI’s operations manager, Robin Champagne was a big proponent of better paper utilization, "I saw the unused side of the paper going to the garbage and decided we could save a tree if we used that blank side. We also don't purchase paper as frequent as we did in the past."

We have also used rechargeable batteries for most of our gear where possible. Rechargeable batteries use less energy, cost less over time and help the environment as rechargeable batteries don’t get thrown away after every use.

In production, CCI is replacing many of its quartz halogen lights with LED and Florescent lights such as Light Panels and Kino Flos. Quartz lights use more power and generate more heat then LED or Florescent lights, so you save money by using less power to light the lights and cool the room.

CCI has moved to a tapeless work flow by recording most productions on to P2 memory cards or hard-drive. Memory cards and hard-drives may be used multiple times with no noticeable degradation in recording where videotapes degrade some every time they are used. While videotapes are made from a variety of plastics such as Mylar, polystyrene, ABS and nylon and are non-toxic they still hurt the environment. A statistic from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for plastics decomposition is 450 years. So, when tapes are tossed in the trash, they'll be around for a long time. Also, it requires less power to operate a video recorder or camera that records to memory card, than a videotape drive. CCI’s senior editor, Dan Jones, singing the praises for solid state memory recording, “Recording onto solid state memory cards is great. Not only is the environment happier, but the client usually is too.”