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Winter 2007

CCI Teams with SeaAway to Create Custom Animation and Web Site

Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI) recently completed an animation-based, informational video and Web site for the port security company, SeaAway, of Titusville, FL. The animation was created as a sales promotion tool for an extensive "prior to port" security system known as the Sea Sentinel SystemTM. The Sea Sentinel allows for the detection of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or explosive devices on shipping containers before the hazardous materials can reach port. The SeaAway Web site was also designed and is hosted by CCI. The Web site will be maintained by SeaAway using content management tools developed by CCI.

According to Jay Van Dyke, CCI Director of New Business Development, "SeaAway came to us with a fully conceived plan, but no way to show it visually other than some large scale models. They have a brilliant idea and a definite need. So, what we came up with together was a way to show this system using photo-realistic animation to simulate how the system works and how it will make countries around the world, and hopefully our own county, safer."

Immediately upon completion of the animation, SeaAway met with the governments of Panama and Trinidad and Tobago and presented their system as an answer to security concerns at their ports and ports around the globe. The animation is being now being expanded and updated as the company has plans to continue meeting with other important international ports and potential customers. The animation serves as a demonstration model for the prototype system which will be constructed in the near future.

SeaAway Marketing Director Rachel Nates said, "CCI has been a great partner. Between the custom animation and the brand new Web site, they've helped us put a face on our efforts. We know we have a great product that serves an ever-increasing global need, and informing potential customers of our product is the next step. That's where CCI came in."

"CCI is a good fit for SeaAway and they're the ideal client for us. We have the expertise and experience they need, and while they are an upstart company now, there's no doubt they are going to be big organization. It is exciting to part of something this big right at the start" concluded Van Dyke.

The new Web site and all custom animation in shortened clips can be viewed at http://www.seaaway.com.

CCI's HD Short Premiers Amid Fanfare at the Melbourne International Film Festival

CCI recently was honored at the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) as the winner of the national short film contest created by Premiere Theaters to promote theater etiquette and the benefits of Premiere Theaters. CCI's first place entry, shot in high definition (HD) and edited at CCI's new HD facility, CCI HD Orlando, showed right before the world premier of "I'll Believe You" which was also shot in Central Florida in HD. The CCI short was transferred to film and shown at the MIFF and will now be shown before all movies at the theater for three months.

The 90 second piece follows the rules defined by the theater which required entrees to highlight theater etiquette-no talking, cell phones off, throw away trash-as well as to promote the luxury movie-going experience offered by Premiere. Shot at the Sterling Casino Lines terminal at Port Canaveral while the ship was out at sea, the CCI production presents a darkly comical look at theaters of the not-to-distant future and the freedoms the fictitious movie-goers will have to sacrifice if they do not adhere to the rules. In the short, several people wait on a long line to enter a theater, only to be stopped, searched by stoic guards and cell phone detecting machines at a security checkpoint, and systematically relieved of cell phones and outside refreshments.

After arriving at the film festival in a limousine provided by the Oaks Theater with all of the CCI contributors, CCI general manager and producer on the project Jim Lewis stated, "We're excited to be a part of the film festival and always have a wonderful experience at this event. Every year, I have served as a judge for the Florida shorts portion of the festival, but we hadn't entered anything in a while. It was nice to see the CCI crew in there this year and to see our production on the big screen. It was also really nice to receive the award right before the big feature film of the festival. It was great being there with writer/director Paul Francis Sullivan, and actors David Alan Basche, Partick Warburton and Patrick Gallo."

CCI shot the spot on the highly-touted Panasonic AG-HVX200 with P2 technology, which shoots in true HD. Post production for the project was done on the top of the line Avid system, the Avid DS Nitris HD 8.0 finishing system. CCI's Avid Nitris system is one of only a handful in the entire state and is the centerpiece of CCI HD Orlando, CCI's HD facility located on the lot at Universal Studios, Orlando. Final edit was outputted to Panasonic D5 HD and the sent to Dolby Labs for final preparation for theater playback.

According to director Bryan Foster, "First and foremost, we wanted to present a piece that would look and sound great on film and on the big screen, so we shot it in HD at 720p at 24 frames per second, just like film. We found the perfect location; we set up a doorway dolly shot, and mounted the camera on a jib to add some movement. In post, we washed out the color to give it a cold, austere look and mixed the final version in Dolby 5.1 surround sound. We recruited some terrific volunteer talent from Orlando acting schools and local talent who were all very excited and great to work with."

For more details on the shoot and post-production, click here.

Click here to watch this award winning video on the CCI Myspace page.

CCI Shoots and Produces FACA All-Star Game

The CCI mobile production unit was on the move again, this time to produce the 52nd edition of the Florida Athletic Coaches Association (FACA) North-South Football All-Star Classic in Lakeland, FL. Held annually, the game features the best high school football players from the state of Florida and was held before a wildly enthusiastic crowd at Bryant Stadium on Friday, December 22. CCI shot the game with a seven camera crew live-to-tape and then edited the final show to fit two hour time slot on Sun Sports, a regional Fox Network. CCI game coverage started showing on Sun Sports in early January with repeat showings throughout the month. Prior to shipment to the network, CCI closed-caption the show using its new closed-captioning capabilities.

In addition to the thrilling game in which the North defeated the South 16-3, CCI also shot a key halftime interview with Shelton Crews, FACA State Football Chairman and an interview with Rivals.com's national recruiting expert J.C. Shurburtt. Both interviews can be seen during the game on Sun Sports.

The FACA All Star game has proven to be a great opportunity for many of Florida's top high school football talents to take the field and showcase their skills in front of key college and professional scouts. The All-Star Classic has a long proud tradition of getting Florida's top high school football players to participate and many alumni of the game have gone on to successful football careers. Past participants of the FACA All Star game include: Anquan Boldin, Derrick Brooks, Alex Brown, Daunte Culpepper, Michael Irvin, Freddie Mitchell, Clinton Portis, Deion Sanders, Warren Sapp, Emmit Smith, Peter Warrick, Danny Wuerfful, and many others.

"Polk County has a rich tradition in high school football and we are proud to host the best players in the state for this prestigious game," said Mark Jackson, Polk County Director of Tourism and Sports Marketing.

But Jackson is really being modest according to CCI's Jim Lewis. Lewis stated, "Polk County Sports Marketing has been a client of CCI for many years. They do a tremendous job of booking unique and exciting events and they take great care of the organizers and participants. And of course all that helps us do a better job with the broadcasts. We sit down before every event, and we discuss how to make it a great TV event. It really is a symbiotic relationship, and one that we look forward to continuing to grow."

The game will air on Sun Sports at the following times:

Monday, January 8, 2007 at 3:00pm
Friday, January 12, 2007 at 6:00pm
Sunday, January 14, 2007 at 4:30pm
Tuesday, January 16, 2007 at 11:00am
Saturday, January 20, 2007 at 2:00pm
Wednesday, January 24, 2007 at 3:30pm

Times and dates subject to change, so check your local listings or contact CCI at (321) 783-5232 for more information.

Redundancy Package Available for Current and New Web Hosting Clients

CCI has implemented a major service enhancement for its Web hosting clients. The upgrade is one of many improvements CCI has made in order to keep its clients' Web sites performing at their peak and to help provide its customers with an ideal and seamless Web experience. While the change is transparent to current Web clients, CCI's fully-redundant, T1-based Web servers-now located in two separate facilities-ensure that all CCI hosted sites are up and running at all times.

With this service enhancement, CCI's fully-redundant Web servers will host an exact copy of all sites in two separate locations, one in Cape Canaveral and one in Orlando. Both servers will be serviced by T1 lines for optimum speed and convenience for Web site visitors. Furthermore, the new upgrade ensures all sites will be checked for performance every thirty seconds, guaranteeing that a site will never be down for more than two minutes. Finally, because the backup servers are based in Orlando, if CCI experiences an extended outage in its Cape Canaveral office because of hurricane or other natural act, hosted sites will not be affected.

Wetting Your Feet in the Web Stream

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