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Feature Story

CCI Helps BRC Produce Space Exploration Video At KSC

CCI provided equipment, crew and talent to produce a video for BRC Imagination Arts at Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex. BRC designed and produced the new exhibit called Exploration Space. The production was a "close out" shoot of the new "Exploration Space" attraction at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center. It involved 3 days of shooting including a 16 person technical crew and up to 70 extras. Most of the video was shot at night when the attraction was closed.

"We've worked with BRC on other shoots so it was nice to come together again for this project. The new exhibit, Space Exploration, really makes you a part of a NASA adventure," says, Dan Jones, Videographer.

"When we stepped off the plane from California, CCI was there all ready to go with equipment rented, actors cast and a great team of professionals on call. CCI helped turn what could have been a long-distance coordinating headache into a smooth and successful shoot. Thanks!"

Local Scene


Live broadcast shot from MSNBCCCI recently did a live shot from the Cape Canaveral studios for MSNBC Dayside.

Kevin Gillick, with Protect Our Children, opposed the Super Bowl half-time performance because he claims Pete Townshend of The Who is a registered sex offender.

Townshend is one of two surviving members of the rock group The Who. He performed at the event in February.

Pete Townshend was arrested in 2003 for viewing illegal images on his computer. He claimed he was doing research for a planned book on child abuse. British authorities placed Townshend on their national sex offender registry for five years.

A quote in the Guardian Brevard reads:

CCI Studio Picture"This man admitted to using his credit card to view child pornography on the internet," says advocate Kevin Gillick. "He was a registered sex offender in the United Kingdom."

Kevin Gillick, who was interviewed by MSNBC, is the editor of The Guardian-Brevard, a free newspaper which publishes photos of child molesters along with their crimes. The paper is distributed in Brevard County.

For the "live shot" CCI provided a single camera shot of Kevin from the CCI studio uplinked by CCI to satellite for reception by MSNBC. Gillick sat at a set and used IFB while the MSNBC host interviewed him. Tech note: IFB or Interruptible Feedback, is provided via the small ear phones you see people wearing on TV. This system allows the talent or subject to hear a talent on another set or from a different location and it allows a producer or director to interrupt and give the talent instructions and cues. In this case IFB was used so Kevin could be interviewed by a host at the network while he was sitting in the CCI studio in Cape Canaveral.

On the Web

CCI builds new website for the Cocoa Beach Days Inn

The CCI web department is off to a busy start again this year! Last year, the team completed the Cocoa Beach Best Western website. After completing that website, the General Manager Bruce Sonnenberg hired CCI to build a new website for the Cocoa Beach Days Inn. CCI built the new Days Inn website to target the cruising and beach market. CCI went to the hotel and captured many pictures of the property and the various room types to be used in the new website.

"The website is extremely photo rich with images of the property and the area activities. It was great to see all the hotel amenities. Bruce and his team were fantastic to work with, said Tom Affeld, New Media Manager.

"Our Days Inn website is our second major project that we have worked on with CCI. We enjoy their creative input that turns into sales. Pros like working with Pros," said Rick "Hutch" Hutcherson, Director of Sales and Marketing for Best Western Ocean Beach Hotel & Suites.

The new Days Inn website is now Live! View Website Click Here

A/V Rentals Update

New 1-ton Light and Grip Trailer

CCI 1 Ton Light and Grip TrailerCCI has a new option in the AV Rentals Department. The newest addition to the line of rental equipment is a new 1-ton Light and Grip Trailer and it has everything someone might need for lighting.

"As a local lighting and grip equipment rental and production service company we are in a unique position to give customers a better deal than anyone else," says Andrew Marcus, AV Rentals Manager. In addition to standard grip equipment, CCI can provide a variety of lighting gear with the trailer, including Kino Flos, LED Light Panels, HMI and standard Tungsten lights.

"It is fully loaded and has everything for indoor or outdoor use. It's mobile, easy to work in, fast, safe and has everything to get the job done," says Marcus. If you'd like to inquire about a rental call the CCI A/V Rental Department at (321) 783-5232.

View more details about the light and grip trailer by Clicking Here: