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Developing a Brand Strategy

Recently, several different companies hired CCI to develop a new logo for their firms. These firms varied from established firms that never really developed a logo, to firms just getting started that needed a logo, to firms that their logo no longer told their story.

Good logo development is more than just a great graphic design, especially since a logo is a key part of putting forward an organizationís identity or brand. Which is why at CCI, we always ask several questions before designing a logo; questions every organization should ask while creating or maintaining their brand.

So what is a brand? Most importantly your brand should be your organizations promise to your customers or prospective clients. That promise should be the foundation of all your marketing communications.

Step one in developing a brand is defining who and what your organization is or should be. However, you canít do this in a vacuum. Critical to developing your brand is a clear definition of your audience or customer. How powerful your brand becomes relies on the ability to focus on these two things: who you are and who your customer is. It sounds so simple, but by accurately defining your target market you will greatly strengthen your brand's effectiveness.

Once you have defined your brand or identity it is important to look at the market place and the market conditions your brand and organization will need to compete. The battle for customers intensifies everyday and your brand is going to need to position you ahead of the competition. Take some time to look at your competitorís brands and alternative approaches to provide similar service or products. Does your brand provide a compelling differentiator while still accurately telling who you are? Also, review the market conditions as they constantly change. Are things more price driven? Is speed of delivery now more important? How important is service or support? Are you and your brand in sync with the times?

Now that you have done all of this, you are ready to finalize your brand or identity. You will be able to use this brand definition as a measuring stick in evaluating any and all marketing materials and strategies, most likely starting with your logo. Your company image or brand is all about how you appear in your market place. What is your company image saying to your customers? Give it some careful consideration and if you need help, Communications Concepts, Inc. (CCI) can help your organization through the branding process.