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Creating an Online Video Strategy


It's no secret Internet TV is in the mainstream and hotter than ever. More than 50 percent of Internet users watch video online, and for the under 30 age group that number jumps to more than 74 percent. That means companies must compete more than ever for online video strategies.

Video engages your audience. Incorporating video into your site opens a whole new door to advertising opportunities including usage of banner and text ads. Getting all the return possible out of your video efforts requires a strategy that uses technology. There are three easy ways to incorporate video into your site.

*Create Content.* The web supports two types of video. They can be short form video in the page or long form video that can be viewed as full-screen broadcast quality. Short form video may be the best at capturing your audience in an effective manor. You can create content in many ways. Use the video with an article on the same topic or make sure you put descriptive content on the pages with the video.

*Encourage Viewers to Come Back.* Most people like to "snack" on web content. For example, they may read a little here and a little there and will often come back to your website. So to encourage this, display related videos around the main video. Provide a line-up of videos that you construct on the same topic. And use content to encourage viewers to watch other videos. You can also list the most-watched videos, and newest videos to help point people to videos of interest

*Produce for Your Audience.* The average length of an Internet video is just over 2 minutes. Therefore, you must be able to tell a story quickly. You must capture the viewer early and draw them in faster. Consider the most popular videos online. They are news and comedy videos. Fewer videos are providing fiction and drama. Instead, we see more newsclips, music videos, and funny videos. You audience should feel a connection with the person they are watching. So make sure the person delivering the content has a personality that comes through to the viewer.

*Use Internet Distribution.* There are two strategies for Internet Distribution. And youíll have to choose the one that best fits for your needs and audience. The two strategies are Managed Syndication and Viral Video Sharing. Managed syndication is the process of creating specific affiliate relationships with other websites and syndicating your video to those sites. The second strategy is Viral Video. This is how users can share video content to friends, blogs and other social networking sites. You can use websites like You Tube, Google Video, Revver, Blip.tv, HULU and even Facebook or MySpace to distribute your video while directing viewers to your company website. You may be concerned that your hosting company isnít robust enough to host videos on your own website but when you embed these videos using another site, such as the ones listed above, you use their bandwidth. The video plays off the other site servers rather than through your company website and hosting server.

Most viral videos need a boost to get started. Remember the old saying? If you tell two people, then tell two people and eventually the whole word will know. This is true. To help get your viral video strategy started, think about E-Blasts. With E-Blasts, you can keep track of the results. When you send an E-Blast out you can track how many people you send it to, how many people watch the video and how many people will send it to friends. This way you can make adjustments to the video based on the results.

Video has become one of the most compelling aspects to the Internet. CCI supports an online video strategy and can help you build your own. To learn more about how we can help you, contact us: CLICK HERE